The body we live in is the most important object in the world – Paul Valery.  Wise words, and as a physical therapist, I like to gently remind people of this.  It pays to look after your body – you can’t move out and you won’t get another one!

Whether you are suffering the strains of a sedentary lifestyle, the aches and pains of repetitive work habits, the rigours of sports training, or if you just want to challenge the limitations of “old age”, neuromuscular therapy can help.


It’s your body, your life – why not make the most of it?


Love the body you live in!

I love my body!  :)   How often do we hear that, as opposed to…I hate my body :(

We all know that we should get regular exercise and keep fit but many of us find ourselves struggling with bodies that won’t co-operate – we encounter pain and stiffness, we become out of breath, we are defeated by our poor posture and sore joints.

After years (or decades) of neglect, muscles can become tight, shortened or full of painful knots.  With a body like that, getting exercise is not as easy as it sounds…and it’s certainly not fun!

Neuromuscular therapy can help to restore pliability and suppleness to your muscles, leading to improvements in your posture and ease of movement, as well as increasing your awareness of the daily habits that put unnecessary strain on your muscles.

Please note that due to increased demand, I am not taking on any new clients at this time.  Thank you.

Available at:   The Wellness Centre, Spiddal, Galway.

Clinic Hours:  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, by appointment only

Contact:    086 8200790     thebodyyoulivein@gmail.com





Pain is probably the most common reason for people seeking physical therapy, and that single word can encompass a wide range of different symptoms and feelings.
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Lymphoedema is a condition in which there is a pathological accumulation of fluid in the tissue spaces. This causes swelling and changes to the skin and tissues.
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Lipoedema is a condition in which the legs and thighs (and sometimes the arms) become swollen out of proportion to the rest of the body, due to an abnormal accumulation of fat cells in the tissues under the skin.
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Post-Traumatic Swelling

Edema is a condition in which there is a pathological accumulation of fluid in the tissue spaces. This causes swelling and changes to the skin and tissues. Edema occurs as a result of damage or trauma to the body.
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Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) involves the treatment of myofascial trigger points.   These are hyperirritable areas within muscle fibres, commonly  called “knots” in muscles.
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Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is a highly effective technique for treating muscle pain and tension. Myofascial trigger points (commonly described as “knots”) make muscles tight, hard and painful.
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Manual Lymph Drainage

Unlike many other systems of the body (digestive, cardiovascular etc), the lymphatic system is not very well known. But it is one of the most important.
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Combined Decongestive Therapy

Combined Decongestive Therapy is used in the management of lymphoedema and other lymphatic conditions.
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Self-Massage Classes

Many common aches and pains can arise from a singular cause…stressed muscles. Massage is a simple and yet powerful technique for relieving tension, soothing muscles and increasing energy levels. Read more >