Are you fully qualified and insured?
Yes. I hold the Higher Diploma in Neuromuscular Therapy, issued at the National Training Centre, Dublin. I also hold qualifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage issued by the Dr. Vodder School, Walchsee, Austria.
I am a full professional member of both MLD Ireland and the Association of Neuromuscular and Physical Therapists (ANMPT).

Where are you located?

I work at the Wellness Centre in Spiddal.  This multi-disciplinary clinic is located on the Main Street, opposite the church, and there is ample parking space in front of and behind the clinic.

What are your business hours?                                                                                                   

Appointments are available from 11am to 5pm on Wed-Fri inclusive.  Appointments be booked in advance and if you must cancel an appointment, please give as much notice as possible.

I would like to try Dry Needling but I am worried about the pain.
The pain felt during trigger point dry needling is very brief, occurring just as the trigger point is located. I always ask clients for feedback while I am treating them and we commonly find that by the time they start to tell me that it’s painful, the pain is already fading.
I think some people have bad experiences with dry needling (or other bodywork) because their pain/discomfort is ignored or dismissed. Your participation and comfort throughout the treatment is one of my highest priorities and if you decide that it is too painful or simply that you don’t like it, we can stop immediately.

What should I wear for my treatment?
You may wear as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. I employ a professional draping protocol, which means you will always be covered by a towel and only the area that I am currently working on will be uncovered. If it is necessary to work in sensitive areas, such as the gluteal regions, I will explain what I am doing and ensure that you are comfortable. You dignity and privacy is of utmost importance and I encourage clients at any time to question the treatment or tell me if they are uncomfortable.

Do you treat children?
Yes. Children can have trigger points and tension in their muscles, just like adults. This can be due to the demands of sport but the demands of school must also be considered. Sitting down for extended periods isn’t healthy for adults (how many of us have aching backs and necks after a day in the office?) and it can be just as much of a strain for children. “Growing pains” are often manifestations of trigger points in muscles, causing soreness, aching, weakness, clumsiness or uneven gait.
I treat children of all ages but will require written permission from a parent or guardian, who may remain present throughout the treatment if they wish.

What type of oils or lotions do you use?
I provide a choice of lotions, including Coconut Oil and Pure Pro Hypoallergenic Lotion. No lotions are used in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. You may also choose to provide your own oil or lotion.

Can I talk during the treatment?
Yes, you can talk as much or as little as you like. During Neuromuscular treatments I will be talking to you in order to elicit feedback as to particular areas of pain or your level of discomfort during certain techniques. However, for Manual Lymphatic Drainage, I would discourage clients from talking in order to attain the full benefits of the treatment.

Can I eat or drink before physical therapy?
Your therapy will be most comfortable if you refrain from eating a big meal right beforehand. Also, if the food you eat has any sugars or caffeine, your body will take a little longer to relax during MLD. You should not drink alcohol prior to your treatment.

Will the treatment be painful?
Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a soothing and relaxing therapy so there will be absolutely no pain or discomfort.
However, Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Dry Needling, in order to be effective, may involve some level of discomfort, but shouldn’t be excessively painful. I always work within a manageable pain scale, encouraging feedback from my clients. You may experience some residual soreness for up to 48 hours after treatment but this is a normal reaction as it may take time for the body to adapt to soft tissue changes.

When should I not receive physical therapy?
If you have any of the following conditions you should not receive physical therapy without your doctor’s approval: cardiovascular conditions, liver/kidney disease, diabetes, haemophilia, severe atherosclerosis.
Other contraindications include severe fever or cold, any contagious or infectious disease, systemic infection, open skin lesions.
You will be required to fill out a short medical form before treatment and all information will be held in strictest confidence.