Manual Lymph Drainage

Unlike many other systems of the body (digestive, cardiovascular etc), the lymphatic system is not very well known. But it is one of the most important. The lymphatic system clears away waste products of cell metabolism and filters the fluid – known as lymph – before returning it to the blood.

The lymph system is also largely responsible for the body’s immunity defences. Signs of a sluggish lymph system are fluid retention, unhealthy skin, and feeling run-down, with regular recurrence of colds and minor illness.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a specialised therapy that stimulates and encourages lymph flow. It is beneficial for a range of conditions:

  • Post traumatic swellings (e.g. after accidents, sports injuries, bruising, sprains)
  • Acne, psorasis, dermatitis
  • Sinusitis, nasal congestion, catarrh, allergies
  • Migraines, chronic headaches, recurrent colds & flues
  • Fluid retention, puffy eyes, swollen face, swollen feet/ankles
  • Athritic and muscular pain, swollen joints, oestoarthritis
  • Hormonal imbalance, PMS, infertility, menopause
  • Chronic constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), bloating
  • Stress, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, lethargy
  • Post cosmetic surgery swellings
  • Lymphoedema, lipoedema, lymphovenous disease

Manual Lymph Drainage – 1 hour – €70.00



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